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A global creative collective

Lalalli Studios is global creative collective, working in multiple disciplines to deliver art, music, sculpture, installations and experiences worldwide that bring inspiration and joy to the world. Driven by passion and purpose, Lalalli studios has collaborated with brands and organizations, acting as visionaries, futurists, advisors and creators.

our mission

To deliver vision through tangible creative expression and collaboration.

founder and director

The founder and creative director of Lalalli Studios is Lalalli Senna, whose insatiable creative curiosity has taken her around the world to explore how the world expresses itself through art, music, architecture and culture. Lalalli, who is also an anthropologist and activist, has trained in multiple mediums, modalities from historical techniques to state of the art technology, ensuring that her creative ideas are not constrained to any one creative output, but can deliver deep connected meaningful art that belongs to a new era. An accomplished composer, sculptor, painter and so much more, Paula has trained so that her creative inspiration can be manifested in the most appropriate and connected way to fulfil her vision.

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Lalalli Studios is a collective, working and collaborating with brands internal teams, artists, engineers and architects to transform ideas into tangible meaningful projects. We thrive when we collaborate and truly believe that the sum is always greater than the parts and we can achieve more, push further and create in new and unimagined ways when we are truly open to collaboration.

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