Victory Edition



The Victory Edition, represents the pinnacle of this collection. Each sculpture is a super-premium, one-of-a-kind masterpiece, reminiscent of the original 3.5-meter-tall Nosso Senna sculpture at the Interlagos racetrack.

These sculptures, of 39cm (15.35 inches) in height, are meticulously crafted from aluminum.

Limited to only 41 copies, each one signifies one of Ayrton Senna’s historic victories in Formula 1.

The production of these sculptures is undertaken with the utmost craftsmanship, creating exclusive pieces of art.

Every reproduction is accompanied by certificates personally signed by the artist and Ayrton’s beloved mother, and offers a personalized contact for collectors.

For detailed pricing and inquiries, interested parties should contact the artist’s studio directly via email.

Lalalli Senna and Senna Brands are proud to present the Nosso Senna Collection Victory Edition, a collection of 41 aluminum pieces, each representing one of Ayrton’s 41 victories. These sculptures stand at 39 cm in height and are meticulously crafted from faceted aluminum, faithfully replicating the original monumental artwork inaugurated at the Interlagos circuit during the 50th anniversary of the Brazilian Grand Prix but in a more compact size.

This super-premium, highly limited series is elegantly presented in a black natural laminated wood box with a trophy-like design, which also serves as a display case, featuring a raised base and side openings. The interior of the box is luxuriously lined with black suede and includes a drawer housing a special book. Each bust is also labeled with the name of the victory corresponding to its serial number.

Accompanying each piece are a pair of handling gloves and a special certificate, printed on 500g Markatto Stile Naturale paper, a chip, holographic numbered seal, a serial number handwritten by a skilled calligrapher, and signatures from both the artist Lalalli Senna and Neyde Senna, Ayrton’s mother. Neyde’s involvement adds a unique layer of historical significance to these masterpieces, since all the project originated from her commission to Lalalli.

Additionally, the book that accompanies the artwork have chapters that unveil the story of Lalalli and the intricate process behind the sculpture’s creation and development.

For the most devoted collectors, here’s a surprise: the last pages of each of the 41 books reveal the specific victory commemorated by that particular bust, transforming each book into an exclusive piece of Ayrton Senna’s history.

This remarkable project, undertaken in collaboration with Senna Brands, directs a percentage of the royalties towards the Ayrton Senna Institute, actively contributing to educational initiatives for children in Brazil.

Due to its exceptional and exclusive character, this super-premium version of the artwork will not be available for purchase on the artist’s website. Instead, it will be accessible through direct email inquiry at .


Material: Aluminum

Technique: Aluminum Casting

Height: 39cm

Weight: 5.3kg

Bust Dimensions: 39 cm height x 29 cm width x 28 cm depth

Box Dimensions: 53.5cm height x 28.5cm width x 30cm depth

Box Weight: 9.4kg

Total Product Weight: approximately 15 kg

Box Material: Black natural laminated wood with black suede interior

Certificate: Markatto Stile Naturale 500g paper, 235mm width x 265mm length, chip, holographic numbered seal, hand-signed by the Artist and Ayrton’s mother, Neyde Senna

Caring for Your Artwork:

Keep the piece away from direct sunlight and excessive heat sources, as prolonged exposure can cause coloration changes where intense light hits.

Avoid any kind of impact.

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