Lalalli Studios and the 38ª Oficina de Música de Curitiba

A very momentous occasion. A matter of great pride. This is how the music composer and visual artist, Lalalli Senna, characterizes the honor of being invited as a co-author for the book “Brasil Que Dá Certo” – the journey of influential entrepreneurs in the nation. This remarkable work compiles the accounts of individuals and initiatives that have left a substantial impact on society and culture.


Fifty-three esteemed figures from across Brazil were invited to contribute their authentic stories of success, as well as their experiences of overcoming challenges and acquiring valuable lessons. “They serve as living proof that one can navigate the path to success, even in the face of adversity,” explains the renowned psychiatrist and speaker, Augusto Cury, who, in collaboration with Sandro Augusto (founder of BQDC – Successful Brazil, a multi-sector group dedicated to entrepreneurship and transformative initiatives with social impact), oversaw the creation of this magnificent work.


Lalalli was profoundly honored to be counted among the ranks of distinguished personalities such as Cris Arcangeli, Alexandre Allard, Edu Lyra, Martha Medeiros, and many other individuals who exemplify a successful Brazil. “I felt privileged to receive this invitation because, among the multitude of highly accomplished individuals in Brazil, they chose to include me. I recognize that the project’s aim is to present various perspectives on what a functioning Brazil truly represents,” Lalalli remarks, enthusiastically accepting the invitation to share a glimpse of her artistic journey and life in written form.


“We should all nurture hope and be inspired to contribute to the betterment of our country,” she adds.


The book is now available in leading bookstores.

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