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    The Champion Edition of the Nosso Senna Collection pays homage to Ayrton Senna’s triumphant third Formula 1 Championship. Standing at 25cm in height, these sculptures are carefully crafted from resin with a calcite filler, resulting in a timeless marble-like finish.

    With only 1991 copies available worldwide, this number is a poignant tribute to the year Ayrton Senna secured his third Formula 1 Championship title, making it a valuable and symbolic addition to any collection.

    Please note that this is a made-to-order product, and the first batch will be delivered starting in March 2024.

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    Introducing the Nosso Senna Collection Champion Edition:

    Thinking of the collectors and fans special needs, Nosso Senna Collection offers a scaled-down masterpiece, standing at 25 cm in height, with a distinctive classical white marble-like appearance, achieved through a unique blend of resin casting with a calcite filler.

    Just like the larger Speed Edition artwork, this piece exudes the same captivating charm and maintains the faceted essence of the original “Nosso Senna” from Interlagos, but on a compact size that makes it an ideal addition to both office and home settings, fitting seamlessly into smaller spaces.

    With only 1991 copies available worldwide – this series celebrate the year when Ayrton clinched his third world championship title.

    Exclusively created by artist Lalalli Senna in collaboration with Senna Brands, this limited edition has its origins in the original sculpture commissioned by Neyde Senna, Ayrton’s mother, specifically for Lalalli, her granddaughter. It symbolizes a beautiful narrative that weaves together art, racing, and family, now shared with admirers of the legendary driver.

    Each edition of this remarkable piece comes in a special wooden case shaped like a “jewelry box” with a sophisticated silvery finish and a plush gray suede-lined interior. Each artwork is accompanied by a special certificate, printed on Markatto Stile Naturale 500g paper, holographic numbered seal, serial number and digitally signed by the artist Lalalli Senna.

    You can secure your very own piece of this limited edition artwork by ordering it here, exclusively at the Lalalli website. Orders “on demand” will be available starting in November 2023, when the pieces will being to be individually handcrafted, and the first batch scheduled for delivery starting from March 2024 on.

    Nosso Senna Collection is a cherished collaboration between Lalalli and Senna Brands, crafted by Lalalli Senna, Ayrton Senna’s niece, to pay tribute to the Formula 1 legend. It features three unique versions, each capturing different facets of his iconic career, designed as limited series for collectors and fans.

    In a collaborative effort with Senna Brands, a portion of the royalties from this project will be dedicated to supporting educational initiatives in Brazil through the Ayrton Senna Institute.

    Production Lead Time: After purchase, the first batch will be delivered starting in March 2024

    Each piece may have variations in color and size. It is a handmade artwork that uses natural materials in its crafting, and it may exhibit variations in color and size.


    Material: Resin with Calcite filler

    Approximate height of the Sculpture: 25cm

    Approximate Weight: 3.1 KG

    Sculpture Dimensions: 25cm X 17cm X 14cm

    Box Dimensions: 26.5cm x 19cm x 17cm

    Box Weight: approximate 2.4Kg

    Total Product Weight: Approximately 5.6Kg

    Box Material: Gray natural laminated wood with grey suede interior.

    Certificate: Markatto Stile Naturale 500g paper, holographic numbered seal, digitally signed by the Artist.

    Caring for Your Artwork:

    Keep the piece away from direct sunlight and excessive heat sources, as prolonged exposure can cause coloration changes where intense light hits.

    Avoid any kind of impact, as the piece is made of resin, a fragile material that can be damaged.

    Cleaning Resin Artworks:

    Use only a soft, clean cloth dampened with a little water.

    For occasional, more intensive cleaning:

    If needed, you can gently use a soft sponge with clear, neutral detergent. Afterward, make sure to thoroughly dry the piece. Following cleaning, apply a thin layer of liquid vaseline to the entire piece, rinse off the excess with water, and dry it again.

    DO NOT USE ANY CLEANING PRODUCTS OTHER THAN THOSE RECOMMENDED ABOVE, such as chlorine, furniture polish, wax, bleach, or any other chemical compounds.

  • Champion Limited Edition
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